Easy Way To Whiten Your Teeth

A number of teeth whitening clinics outlines a high expectation pattern with advertising cries such as: "your teeth to 16 shades whiter!" Pure nonsense because this is absolutely not feasible with one treatment, real is an average improvement of 5 to a maximum of 12 shades lighter in the most favorable case. Of course, the final results depend on the condition of the teeth and the original color of the teeth which is genetically determined. Your teeth become as white as they can be, but one has whiter teeth of itself like the other.

We try to treat everyone satisfactorily but some have achieved slightly less results than others which has to do with the original color of the teeth which is genetically determined, just like the pigment of the skin but in general everyone can be satisfied with the treatment , the result, the price and the service. The fact that you keep it sensitive for a number of hours, certainly not everyone suffers from it, is the only drawback, but that is due to the higher percentage of whitening gel that White Shine uses, so the results are also considerably better than all competitors. .

So just assume that your teeth can not become whiter if they have become with us after the treatment. In other words, guaranteed the highest results in the Netherlands, but even with that we simply can not satisfy everyone if you keep your expectations real. Paper white teeth do not exist, you have to take facings so everything you see on TV and in the magazines is often photoshopped and fake!

Some people who have recently had their teeth bleached quickly become accustomed to the new color, which gives them the idea that the teeth are no longer so white after a few months, usually the color will fall at most two to three shades after a few months. However, teeth are subject to discoloration, so the degree of discolouration is partly inherent to what you eat and drink, and possibly smoke.

White Shine is the only guarantee that your teeth will whiten at least 4 shades after a single treatment! And that will be a big improvement! Of course you can always take a whitening treatment again after a time as a refresher. Only the BLUE LIGHT method of White Shine guarantees direct visible results in contrast to other bleaching methods and home bleachers.

How long do my teeth stay white?

The first days after the treatment, the teeth are the whitest, then the color will decrease by 1 to a maximum of 2 shades, this is due to rehydration, the teeth take back some moisture so they look a little less white after a week but still much whiter than before treatment. So if 9 shades have been achieved immediately after the treatment, you will have 7-8 shades of whiter over.

The average is 1 to 2 years, depending on your consumption of coffee, tea, wine, smoking, etc. But if you brush your teeth twice a day with whitening toothpaste from White Shine and consume dye-containing products in moderation, then you have at least a year of fun. White Shine has also developed a maintenance bite with which 1-3 shades of whiter can be achieved a few months after a bleaching treatment!

The return of the color of the teeth is partly dependent on the consumption behavior, the condition of the teeth and the original color of the teeth. The discolouration will slowly return but it will still be lighter than the color of your teeth before treatment.

Can I have my teeth bleached again?

Yes, the method is completely safe so if you want to refresh your teeth after half a year with the Fresh-up treatment, you can do so! The complete treatment can be carried out every year if desired.


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