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Teeth whitening is a treatment that - depending on which bleaching method is used - takes at least 30 minutes. If you do not have time to bleach your teeth, but need to get rid of a spot on your tooth, use a white tooth whitening pen.

What is a bleach pen?

The bleaching pen is a teeth whiter in pen or pen size. A bleach pen is small, handy and easy to carry in your bag or inside pocket. It is specially made for immediate use and very effective at times when you need it.

A bleaching pen can not be compared to teeth whitening sets or treatment at a bleaching clinic. It is not a substitute for the regular bleaching methods, although most bleaching pens contain as much carbamide, and / or hydrogen peroxide.

Can I really get white teeth with bleach?

Yes, but the effectiveness is determined in the way it is used. If you use a home set, keep a bit of bleaching gel in your mouth for a longer period. As a result, the active ingredient used to whiten teeth has enough time to retract and whiten your teeth.


A bleaching pen is used by touching random teeth or spots. It is therefore unlikely that someone will color each individual tooth with a bleach pen white. This takes a lot of time and some places (for example between the teeth) in the mouth are difficult to reach.

A bleach pen makes your teeth a few shades whiter for a (short) period. It is therefore most suitable at times when you want to whiten your teeth quickly. Think, for example, prior to a party or when you find out that a spot is visible on your teeth.

It is best to use the bleach pen in combination with a home set or bleaching strip. After bleaching your teeth, use a bleach pen to maintain your teeth.

What does a bleach pen cost?

The bleaching pen is a lot cheaper than bleaching strips and sets appeared at home. The prices of bleaching pens ranges from 3 to 8 euros (and higher). View the teeth whitening prices page for a complete overview and comparison of all prices.


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